#truStockholm – March 9’th/10’th

The #tru carnival comes to Stockholm thanks to Michelle Rea at Social Honesty and host/sponsors Monster.se. #tru is The Recruiting Unconference for people with an interest in Recruiting, HR, Technology, Branding and anyone who works in the “people” space.

What is an unconference?

An unconference is an event that is about conversation. Each discussion topic is hosted by a track-leader selected for their knowledge of the topic. The role of the track leader is to start the conversation, input where needed but to sit back and let it happen. When you go in a track, you set your own agenda, share and ask what you want to know.We run 3 tracks an hour, and when you’ve had enough you move on to the next one. No need to stand on ceremony or stay longer than you need to. The event is focussed 100% on your learning and networking and not on what the speakers want you to hear.

There are 4 simple rules, apart from that, the rest is up to you:

1: No Presentations.

2: No Powerpoint

3: No name tags. If you want to know who someone is, ask!

4: The attendees set the track objectives and content.

For Stockholm, we are taking a retreat approach. Attendance is restricted to 75, so you want to book your ticket now or miss out.

The Tracks:

Regional Recruiting

What’s the difference between talent attraction and recruiting accross Europe or the globe? What works where and what is an absolute no-no? What are the risks associated with relocation? How do you fish where the fish are?

Social Recruiting

From twitter to Facebook, how is social media and social recruiting merging? What channels are working? How do you integrate social in to the recruiting mix, or are you best working with what you know? What are the real success storys? Who does it well and can show results?

Technology Shopping List

Technology is changing at a rapid rate, to integrate social, mobile and much more. What technology is essential for HR and Recruiters, and what is needed next? How can recruiters plug-in to the cloud, and what changes will this bring? From ATS to Database, talking all things technology.

New Skool v Old Kool?

Theres always talk of how recruiting needs to change and evolve. social Media, Branding, Value Proposition etc have become the most talked about subjects in recruiting, corporate or third-party. This track looks at where new tools fit with old rules, and asks the question whether anything has really changed, and if it should.

Job Board 2020

Judging by the many posts, we should long be lamenting (or celebrating) the passing of the job board, gone the same way as it’s forerunner, print media. The figures however, and the true story would suggest something quite different. How will job boards evolve over the coming years, and what part will they play in the recruiting process?

Linked In

Where does Linked In fit in the recruiting mix? What impact has the changes at Linked In had on the way the channel works? Where does Linked In integrate with a job board strategy? Jobs Insider linking job boards and career sites with Linked In connections (including Monster.)

Employee Branded

When does Employer brand start and when does it finnish? Is the employer brand dictated by marketing? How much impact does social media have on the brand? Can employer brand be separated from corporate brand? What is the best way to reflect employer brand in career sites? All this and more on all things branding.

Facing Up To Facebook

Attitudes to Facebook as a recruiting channel over a personal network is fast changing. Last year the track was quite firmly split. This year, all the talk is Facebook ads, Fan pages, Applications, Groups and Plug Ins. Share your views on the most effective ways to use Facebook for recruiting, or stand your ground and say “Stay Away”

New Blog

Blogging is recognised as one of the best ways to drive traffic towards your brand, and to raise your corporate or personal profile. The questions new bloggers have range from which platform to use, objective, how to generate content and much more. Share your questions, thoughts and concerns with experienced bloggers.

Community Questions

What constitutes a community? Where do you start community building and how do you keep community members engaged? What is the benefit of J.I.T. sourcing against Talent Pool and what is your best approach? What part can technology play in community? how does on-line differ from off-line? All this and more.

Social Learning

If learning is changing, how can we integrate social learning and development in to traditional training? Is the current education system “not fit for purpose?” How can social learning change workplace learning? What is changing now and what will change in the future?

Referral Recruiting

Referral recruiting is quoted as being the most effective and cheapest form of recruiting. As networks grow and referral applications like Linked In referral engine spring up, making opportunities viral, how will this impact on the way companies recruit? What schemes work and what are the pitfalls?

Secret Sourcing

What is the best route to sourcing the best candidates? What channels work best and how is this changing? How do you compile search strings and is anyone unfindable? Share tips, bring searches and talk with expert sourcers about how they find people.

Battle of the Bloggers

Always popular at #truevents. join the “blog squad” and other experienced bloggers talking how to build an effective blog. What are the best sources for content and what posts have the most impact? How do you spread your message to reach your target audience? Should all blogs be self-hosted? Share with the bloggers and bring your questions.

Global Reach

Recruiting, HR and Networking have gone global. How has this impacted on the way we work? What are the pitfalls with international relocation? How do cultures differ and how does this impact on the way we work? How do you plan a global campaign without getting stung?

Candidate Experience Solutions

Instead of talking about the usual candidate experience problems, and all agreeing there is a problem, this track will look at solutions specifically. What are the good things people are doing and how is this being received? lets talk real solutions and fixes rather than reflect on old problems.

Graduate Recruiting

What do graduates really want? What makes an internship work for ALL party’s? What do todays students need from the careers service and what is being served up? What are the most effective ways to build Graduate pipelines? What is the state of Graduate recruiting today?

Gen y on Gen Y

Theres been lots of talk, myths and comments about Gen Y, what is truth and what is reality? Most commentators on Gen Y sit well outside the age bracket. The track leaders fit the label and will share their views on what they are really like and how they communicate. What is the best strategy to attract and keep the best talent from a generation?

Anti – Social

Social recruiting should only form part of your recruiting and talent strategy. how do you reach those that are sitting outside of the social bubble? What approaches are working without social, and are we missing key talent by being over-reliant on one network or another?

Going Mobile

Mobile is becoming mainstream, and is impacting on the way people job hunt and access the internet. From applications to QR codes, text to fully functional access, what are the key considerations for recruiters and HR in the mobile space? What is really working and what is just a shiny new toy? Share your thoughts, experience and questions with some real leaders in the mobile space.


Content is worthless however good, unless it gets found. You can tweet out or post your links in all your social places, but the real tipping point comes from being Google friendly. What works for S.E.O? What is myth and what is reality? Share your tips and understand how the search engines and spiders find you. What are your Google secrets you are willing to share?

Video Integration

Video for branding, video on career sites, video interviewing, where is video going over the next 12 months? What technologies work and what are definite fails? What part the video C.V. or You Tube infomercial? What makes video work and how do you integrate the second biggest search channel (YouTube) in to your video mix?

Confirmed local track leaders so far are Fredrik Johnsson who started HRSverige.nu (they have 1,000 HR professional members), Johannes Sundlo who is running the HRSverige blog (http://blogg.hrsverige.nu/), Karl-Oskar Mattsson who is a recruiter at Safemind and responsible for their social media and Propell’s VD Anna Malmström.
We will be adding a cast of visiting track leaders including Andy Headworth, Jorgen Sundberg and more.

This is the start of the track list. We will be adding tracks as you want them. Sign up and join the conversation!

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