The Future Of Recruiting

I’m a big fan of Peter Cosgrove. He is one of the senior managers at Ireland’s leading recruiters, C.P.L. Peter is a thinking mans/women’s/persons recruiter. He “gets” social, is an advocate but also a realist. I like his thinking on where recruiting is going in the medium term. Peters track at #truDublin last year was one of my highlights of a busy 2011. Managing 100’s of recruiters across a range of sectors also means that he knows what is actually going on, and the challenges they face in their day-to-day jobs.

Peter is a recommended connection. This is his slideshare from a recent presentation on the future of recruiting. Nothing complicated or high faluting. More prompting thinking than giving exact solutions. We should all consider the future in our planning, because it affects the big decisions we make today. People who built websites without mobile compatibility because it was an optional extra 12 months ago are now regretting that decision. They considered how candidates were applying for jobs 12 then, rather than what they might be doing now, and it leaves them with a big hole today that needs filling. Mobile compatability should be the standard build, not an optional build.

 The future is important, it just gets lost in the busy hubub of today, and the jobs we need to fill now. Think again!

Thanks Peter for sharing your thoughts. What do you all think is going to be important 2 years from today?



Peter Cosgrove