#Hatemyboss #Hatemyjob Warning: Contains real tweets

In researching this post I conducted a simple search in my twitter timeline, for people posting using the hashtag #hatemyjob and #hatemyboss.The following are real tweets from this search. I’ve not embedded the tweets to protect the stupid from themselves, but I promise you these are real. Try the search out for yourself!



Hungover drums just sound awful. #hatemyjob

I don’t see why people aren’t interested in a boring cold call from me to do a shit survey about a load of crap #answerthephone #hatemyjob

Hate going to work when the suns out especially 10-6 #hatemyjob” girlllllllll do not get me started Haha

Off to the hell hole I go … #hatemyjob

Can’t be arsed today! #HateMyJob

Today wasn’t nice. We should just skip from Sunday to Tuesday. Or just straight to Saturday!! #hatemyjob

OHKAY COOL, don’t schedule me at all.to work. That’s perfectly fine, knowing that I NEED MONEY. #hatemyjob

Welp back to work tomorrow #hatemyjob

In our work. The faves do what the want when they want. And the rest of us suffer for it #hatemyjob#idontwanttotakeyourorder

I just love going to work and crying everyday! #hatemyjob

woohoo! finally I finished 5 stupid design with very weak computer to the company where I work :s… I’m very comfortable now but #HateMyJob


back to work tomorrow after a week off.. #hatemyboss #FML

so bitter about being at work two hours early on a saturday. #hatemyboss

I seriously hate most of my bosses but 1 #HateMyBoss #WorkProbs

I feel like i’m back to the age of the anxiety #fuckthisshit #hatemyboss

For real? This day is just going down hill now…. #hatemyboss

I cant fucking do my homework when I have down time? are you fucking kidding me. hate to break it to you but school comes first. #hatemyboss

Deff gonna be late to work but then again who cares, #hatemyboss treats me like crap anyways

This is an absolute Piss take! Fuck you Managing director! #cunt #hatemyboss

Hottest day of the year so far + being stuck with my boss for 5 hours = complete and utter torture!!!! #FML #hatemyboss

Work til 3 and I can’t wait for it to be over #hatemyboss

Need to find a new job ASAP!#hatemyboss

I feel like i’m back to the age of the anxiety#fuckthisshit #hatemyboss

Theres always a lot of talk about people getting fired for being critical of their employer, boss or colleagues in the social media channels. In the most part, these storys usually come down to the argument about privacy, monitoring and just what people get fired for. Mostly I find that it is a case of the comments being a symptom of the general breakdown of relationship between employer and employee, and all the tweets or updates really did was give the bullets that enable the company to load the gun and fire. Theres also an argument that these are stupid people who deserve to be fired, after all, most contracts of employment prohibit speaking in a manner that might bring damage to the company.

Another way of looking at it is that these posts indicate  just what these employees think of their bosses and jobs. I don’t think it is just a case of sacking the misguided people behind the tweets and the problem goes away.

There is always going to be the odd rogue employee that needs to have a conversation, but if it is a number of employees tweeting the same things, there’s a work place problem that needs addressing, and the solution won’t be heavy-handed policy or action. Twitter is the messenger for employee sentiment, don’t shoot the messenger, fix the problem. I don’t have the data, but I’m fairly sure that the tweets listed below were mostly made from mobile. No amount of bans on tweeting from work is going to block that, better to work with employees on creating awareness about public platforms.  Education is always a better solution to legislation, and far better for employer reputation, which ultimately results in employer branding.

Employees are being increasingly asked to take part in talent attraction, by sharing jobs and other content in their social networks. The practice of social referral is dependent on this, but what is the likelihood of any of this being effective if your people mix these referrals and posts in with negative comments about their boss or job?

The route to getting a great employer brand is quite simple. BE A GREAT COMPANY! Monitoring employee content is the barometer to employer brand, but you need to consider how you are going to react. If your employees feel so bad about you that they tweet their feelings so openly, your problem isn’t that they are on Facebook or Twitter, and firing them all won’t make the problem go away.