The Next Level with @ScottEblin (Liveblog) #LASHRM

Scott Eblin is delivering the closing key-note to an excellent Louisiana SHRM. Scott speaks about the behaviors leaders need to adopt or ditch in order to move to the next level in their careers.
He begins by talking about how the expectation of results have never been greater. He quotes Einstein: “the definition of insanity is to keep doing what you have always done and expect the results to improve.”
Changing behaviors starts with dialing in to your strengths to just the right level. if we need to get improved results, then we are going to have to build on these strengths and pick up a few new ones. It’s easier to pick up new skills than it is to let go of old ones.
picking things up is a cognitive challenge, but letting go is an emotional one. Eleanor Roosevelt had a philosophy “do one thing every day that scares you.” If things scare you a little, then you are stepping out of your comfort zone and learning new skills to cope.
Leadership presence is broken in to 3 areas:
> Personal presence
> Team presence
> Organisational presence
you need to pick up confidence in your presence and let go of doubt. Work on personal energy and take time out to recharge, rather than running flat-out till you crash. (Note to self.).Preparation is about visualising what a successful outcome looks like, and how do I show up to get the best outcome. Doubt blocks this. As a leader, you control the weather. You can decide if you want every day to be sunny, then you need a sunny disposition. if you are turning up dark and gloomy then that is going to be the mood of your team. and you control this on a personal level.
Scott gets everyone to think of a meeting that is coming up in the next week. Consider the outcome you are trying to create and how your going to show up for that meeting.A critical question for leaders to ask and remind themselves is what is it only I can do? I think this focus on what you actually have, and how you can make a unique contribution.
I like Scotts approach to building change on your strengths, and visualizing what the future should look like.
You can find Scotts blog here