Viral Content. Dancing by yourself? #TruDublin

Oracles Drulis

At #TruDublin the topic of how to make your content go viral came up. It is a consideration for any social recruiting project. This is where network comes in. For me, that means building a network of internal employees and contacts and understanding what content will entice them to voluntarily get involved.
We had some great examples of this from Klaudia Drulis at Oracle, who shared the history and future plans of Oracle Community. I was involved with Oracle at the start of this process, and it has been great to see how this has grown in to an engaged community that has spread the employer brand and improved the quality of hire. As a result of this, Klaudia has been promoted to manage social media and recruiting globally, and is hiring for somone to develop networks and community in America. If your interested in being a part of their continuing success story and are based around the Dublin area, you can find details of the job HERE.

I’d recommend applying, as well as following the Oracle Community for great examples of viral content.

After the track, I was forwarded a video by Rod Smith of #truDublin sponsors Arithon. It’s a few years ol, but i think it makes a good point in a simple way. You need to watch it for a few minutes before the reason becomes clear, but I think it is worth it. What I like about this is the way all you need is one person doing one thing to set off a chain reaction.

This is a physical example, but you can equally apply to your content. It might seem that you are going nowhere, but all it takes is one person to comment or share your stuff, then another to pick it up and so it goes on. Are you dancing on your own or attracting a crowd?