@ITweetlive: My new cool Twitter tool

You know that I get really excited when I find new tools and applications to play with. Earlier this week I got sent an invite to take a look at ITweetLive, a new twitter engagement, searching and analytics tool. I’ve been playing around with it for a few days looking at recruiting and sourcing applications and I can see real potential.

The search function enables you to identify people from their content. One of my most popular posts was about Ivan Stojanovic who searched for “geek words” to identify programmers and hired 27 people. Geekwords are those words that only the target candidates would use. This application makes these searches easy with filters for:

> Has all these words or “phrases in quotes” 

> Has one or more of the words

> Don’t show results with any of these words

> Geolocation

Searches can be saved and return the tweets with the option to follow, list and tweet back. The results show the tweet with a tweetback column. You can organise results by time, following, klout scores, peer index and other criteria. i love the results screen because it makes it easy to reply or message tweet by tweet.

The other features that i have been testing are:

> Group actions enables you to group accounts together and send bulk tweets. I’m not personally a fan of bulk tweeting, but I could see the benefit of sending everyone an individual message who were using a hashtag,

> Interactive analytics. This is a very neat way to split test tweets to sections of your potential audience according to search results. I like to test 3 different tweets to see which gets traction, and this makes it possible to identify a new target audience from search and send the 3 tweets out evenly. You get results back on retweets, mentions, url opens for each tweet. I’m going to be testing this next week to find a specific audience for each new blog post and I will let you know how I get on. The geolocational option makes it great for targeting jobs to reach the right people and testing which tweet gets the best result, and you can sync ITweetLive with the link shortener bitly for even better analytics.

> Follower list. this lets you group your followers according to your needs, as well as twitter lists. I really like the way you can organise your searches and see the results as individual tweets. it easy to scroll down the list and reply to individual tweets, or select messages for a group reply. This tool is built to make engagement easy and you can run multiple twitter accounts through the same platform. I found it really useful to see full conversations with one click so that I can enter them in context.

> RSS Tweets. This is ideal for feeding jobs, blog posts, content and updates. It is very easy to set up and set frequency, different tweets, timed posting and repeat feeds.

> Cloud based. Everything is in the cloud so you can log in from anywhere with any device.

> Tweet chat widget. This is a really neat widget you can embed anywhere that enables visitors to tweet and enter in to conversations with you in real-time. You get a tweet sent with every message for instant reply and conversation.

> Open API. The open API tracks conversation trees in a way I haven’t seen before. This enables developers to perfect searches and apply synonyms tailoring any of the features for your users. This is a very open collaborative platform.

What I’m most impressed about ITweetLive is that it is built to make personal messaging simple and quick. Your replies to messages are saved, giving you these tweets as options when you get similar search results back. When you set up a new account, the platform imports all of your saved searches from twitter. The navigation is really simple, so you can separate results for grouping and replying.

There are 4 pricing options:

> Free – this gives you 50 credits. A credit is a tweet through the platform. You earn credits by allowing a sponsored ad from your account every 50 credits used. once the sponsored tweet goes out you are back to 50 credits.

> 500 credits – $9.99 – No sponsored tweets sent from your account and opt out of ads on the platform.

> 5000 credits – $50.00 – No sponsored tweets sent from your account and opt out of ads on the platform.

> Unlimited credits – $250 a month – No sponsored tweets sent from your account and opt out of ads on the platform. Full support.

I can see this being a perfect toll for running employment branding and recruiting campaigns on twitter because of the search capability, targeting, engagement and how easy it is to organise your activity for group or individual messages. Give the free option a try to see what you think.

This intro video explains a little more.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GotHJGSypMs&w=560&h=315]


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