Sunday Shout Out For The Best Blog I’ve Read In A While

Today’s Sunday ShoutOut is for a blog and a blogger. I found this post in the Twitter stream this week. I’ve known the blogger Mitch Sullivan for a few years now, I just hadn’t taken the time to read his blog. Mitch can be an abrasive character with plenty of opinions, but when you get to the bottom of it, he is a hard-working, shoot from the hip honest recruiter, who is passionate about the industry and what he does.

Stumbling on Mitch’s blog, Fasttrack, I read the latest post, and then I read another 30 first sitting, and then  Irang him to tell him I loved his work. I like bloggers who you can read their posts and hear their voice. Mitch definitely sits in this category. His posts make me smile, laugh out loud and nod my head vigorously in agreement. Unlike mine, his posts are short, saying just what needs to be said. This is his latest post word for word:

To all those people getting giddy about the “power of social media”

Posted by Mitch on 26th October 2012

If you still talk shit, people will still ignore you.

They’ll just ignore you in more places.

Seriously, that’s all it means.

The people who are great at social media now, were great with the more traditional stuff because social media only democratises marketing for the people who already had some talent in that area.

Everyone else needs a rethink.

That’s it. Short, acidic and to the point, but you very much get the message. I’ve subscribed for a daily dose of Mitch. You should to! You can view FastTrack here.