New free recruiting tool from the Colleague Hack Day

I love being involved in hack days. I’m not much of a coder, so my job is usually to talk around the social market, and the challenges recruiters face, then let the programmers loose to build something new. I’m always amazed at how quickly a good programmer can get hold of a new concept and turn it in to the beginnings of a really worthwhile product.

I’ve been working with recruitment software company Colleague advising them on how social is changing recruiting, and ways in which they can integrate social and advanced sourcing features in to the product. There is an exciting road map of changes ahead over the coming year to develop more of the sourcing and communicating capability direct from the recruiters desk top. The brief is to save recruiters time, and enable them to work in more effective ways, incorporating all that the internet has to offer. One of the first initiatives was to work with the developers on the hack-day. Colleague also used #trulondon to conduct a survey of the features needed to develop modern recruitment software, integrating social. The findings of this survey has been included in the road map.

The first free product to come out of this is the Colleague X-ray toolbar, built to operate as an add-on to Internet Explorer. The features of the Colleague X-Ray toolbar enables recruiters to:

  • Source candidates, companies and clients online – through social channels, job sites and more

  • X-ray search over social media channels

  • Easily create complex boolean search strings

  • Create lists of default search engines

  • Find online profiles from one online image from all social networks (very neat.)

  • Create default x-ray search lists of regular social channels and websites

>>> The Colleague X-Ray Toolbar works with Internet Explorer and is FREE <<<
For Colleague users there are additional features including:

  • Automatically gather contact, company or candidate information from a web page
  • Push this data into your Colleague database with a click of a button
  • Verification tools allow you to check for duplicates, select from lists when you are presented with multiple options and tag contact, company and contact records with ‘skills’,

>>> The Colleague Side Bar – for parsing data off websites into Colleague – will only work currently with the latest version of Colleague V.6.4.8 <<<

Check out the video from developer Jonathan Broadley, who led the build on how the toolbar works:


You can download the toolbar free HERE

Good work Colleague!


Disclaimer: I work with Colleague on product and content.