What Women Want @ Work #Infographic #LinkedIn

The good folks from LinkedIn have been conducting some interesting research in to what their female members really want from work. The survey was completed on-line by 5,300 participants in 13 countries, and was a repeat of the same survey completed 5 years ago. Things have definitely changed, not least expectation.
The number one want is work/life balance, not only from those who want it, but also from those who think it is very achievable. It was also interesting to note that the country with the highest satisfaction rating for women is India with 94%. Not what you might expect.
I think this is important because you need to look at your own culture branding, and see how much you are reflecting what you can realistically offer in your content. Real diversity begins with talent attraction, and getting your house in order to make sure deliver on your promises.
Thanks to LinkedIn for another great piece of research.