The #truLondon 10 tracks

#trulondon is back in town Friday for the 10’th time. The schedule seems to be a good first post for the new combined blog and event site #truMunity. #truMunity is one of those made up words combining #tru and community. We are expanding the concept so that anyone can run an event anywhere. It doesn’t matter if it is a few hours in the office or a global event. You can use the #tru brand and we will help promote and support your event. All organisers get to retain the profit from their events, all we ask is that you respect the #tru principles, which means: No PowerPoint, no presentations (except in the show & tell area), no dress code, no name badges and an everyone welcome to attend and lead a track.We do not discriminate between practitioners, vendors or analysts, everyone has an equal contribution to make. All organisers get equity in the new business #truMunity Ltd. It won’t make you rich, but everyone can be a part of our vision, to make recruiting better.

I did start with the name #truCollective, but that turned out to be a group of on-line dope dealers in California, so #truMunity it is. If you want to be a part of this, please contact me. We are grateful to our global sponsors Kelly Services for continuing to support the growth of #tru. We ask all organisers to give our sponsors access to events for branding, tickets and participation. This #truLondon will feature 4 streams: The tracks, (1 Р3), the Kelly #SourceLab hosted by Martin Lee, the product show&tell hosted by Lumesse, and new this year, the #truLondon debates hosted by Mervyn Dinnen. All tracks last an hour except show&tell which are scheduled for 25minutes per session. Contributors will speak for 5 minutes on market, up to 10 minutes to show product and 5 minutes Q&A. At the end of the session participants vote on if they would buy it if they had budget  and need. There are 10 tickets left then we are full. You can sign up HERE

The tracks: (To view the full schedule click on he full screen symbol.)

The Kelly #SourceLab


The Debates

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