The Crazy-to-Hire Matrix – #truLondon

Who are candidates, and why do employers keep hiring them?
27 Feb 2015
Room 3

The Crazy-to-Hire Matrix – #truLondon

As employers, we have all had experience of hiring individuals even when we know there is a risk that they may not work out as well as we hope.

There are often circumstances in which we might feel compelled to hire someone, even though that risk is high. A candidate could be extremely talented, but not such a great fit for your organisation’s culture. A new hire might be a great culture fit, but will need intensive training to get up to speed. You may well be under pressure to fill the job with the best you can get in a short time frame.

However, we all recognise that despite temptation, there are some applicants for your company that you would be crazy to hire!

In this track Stephen O’Donnell, MD of psychometric assessment firm PC Evaluate, explains how balancing the skills and experience of a candidate against their culture fit (potential flakiness) can help to avoid those hiring pitfalls.