#truLondon March 2016 SHOW&TELL


Introducing SHOW & TELL at #truLondon 2016!

Eventbrite - #trulondon March 2016

Featuring the best in Talent Technology at #truLondon, the March Edition

Each Show & Tell will be a 15 minute session, where up to 10 minutes will be spent on market and the product and up to 5 minutes Q&A.
At the end of each Show & Tell participants will be voting on the question “If you had budget and need would you buy it?”


Featuring in Show & Tell:


Talent Tech Labs

Talent Tech Labs logo

Located in the heart of Manhattan, Talent Tech Labs (TTL) fosters iteration, validation, and acceleration of talent acquisition technology by connecting early stage companies with forward thinkers in the industry

Jonathan Kestenbaum
Jonathan Kestenbaum
Executive Director at Talent Tech Labs

Jonathan is also your Show&Tell host for this truLondon event!


Social Talent – Online Recruitment Training


Since 2010, the Social Talent team have been changing the way organisations identify talent globally by translating technology and educating recruiters through their exclusive online platform. Through their Black Belt in Internet Recruitment programme they have certified companies such as Oracle, Intel, Hays, Microsoft, GSK, Experis and Cisco.

In one exclusive online platform they provide Learning, Recruiting Tools and Performance Analytics. This means more hires, fasters hires and higher quality hires.

Johnny Campbell

Johnny Campbell
CEO, Dogsbody & Chief Sourcing Ninja at Social Talent

Cut-e – Assesment Solutions


cut-e is world leader in the design and implementation of innovative online tests and questionnaires for recruitment, selection and development. We carry out over 4 million assessments per year in 70 countries and 40 languages. cut-e helps companies identify people with the right capabilities and cultural fit to deliver optimal business results.

David Barrett

Show & Tell Presenter: David Barrett
COO at cut-e


Role Point – Intelligent Sourcing Platform

Role Point

The RolePoint platform represents the most advanced social sourcing product available for talent acquisition. Our product is the result of one of the most comprehensive development, evaluation and feedback processes undertaken for a social hiring technology.

Hire Smarter, Revolutionize How You Identify, Acquire & Retain Talent
Employee Referrals. Internal Mobility. Optimized Apply.

Our products are used by leading organizations across Technology, Healthcare, Finance, Engineering & Media.

Rick Tank

Show & Tell Presenter: Rick Tank
Co-Founder of RolePoint


TempBuddy – Contingent workforce software


TempBuddy, a multi-award winning workforce management software helps get your best people to the right place at the right time, paid promptly and accurately using smart mobile technology. We bring together real-time availability, scheduling, deployment, time capture, pay and bill and compliance. Our cloud-based intuitive recruiter platform is linked to a worker mobile app facilitating the exchange of real-time data.

Michael Wallace

Show & Tell Presenter:
Michael Wallace
Enterprise Sales Director at TempBuddy


Clinch – The Smart Recruitment Marketing Platform


Clinch Talent is the first step in building a better talent network, helping employers attract, identify, and really get to know these passive candidates — before they hit “apply.” How? By leveraging the proven practices of content marketing — helping you build better careers content and delivering key information on the candidates who engage with that content. By improving the flow of information between candidate and employer in the pre-application stage, the Clinch Talent platform allows for an improved candidate experience and gives YOU greater control over the quality and quantity of candidates in your ATS. The result? Smarter sourcing, better informed candidates, and more effective, more efficient recruiting.

Shane Gray

Show & Tell Presenter: Shane Gray
SVP Business Development and Sales for Clinch – the smart recruitment marketing platform


The Needle Video Interview Solutions

the needle logo 2

The Needle’s unique video interview solution is helping recruiters all over the world, find and assess the best candidates for their businesses. Candidates are invited to interview via The Needle’s online video interview portal and they can complete their interview in their own time using their laptop or mobile device. Recruiters review the videos in their own time, not only saving time and reducing their screening costs but delivering recorded video interview short lists to line managers to help them make better decisions about who goes through to the next stage. This is an early stage assessment technology that adds enormous value to the process post video interview.

Christine Tautari

Show & Tell Presenter: Christine Tautari
Co-founder & Director, The Needle


Resourcing Insight – cloud based SaaS analytics platform


Resourcing Insight is a cloud based SaaS analytics platform. We provide senior strategic TA (Talent Acquisition) leaders accurate internal and external reporting and insight. We achieve this by collecting and verifying the same ATS, finance and team data from all of our customers.

This enables them to:
-Deliver their businesses senior leadership team accurate verified reporting removing the historic reliance on inaccurate ATS data.
-Evidence and understand the impact that TA has on the businesses financial bottom line.
-Compare and contrast TA performance against other external companies either within a specific sector or across a specified geography.
-Compare and contrast internal against RPO performance side by side
– Evidence the levels of gender, diversity, disability and internal mobility companies are actually achieving

Jeremy Thornton

Show & Tell Presenter: Jeremy Thornton
Founder, Resourcing Insight



OnRecruit Logo

OnRecruit – We globally help employers and recruitment agencies make more hires/placements by automatically generating the right amount of candidates from job search engines to the jobs in their own website by:

– Activating jobs that underperform in their own website. (Allocation)
– De-activating jobs that are attracting traffic, but no conversion. (Efficiency)
– De-activating jobs that have reached the right number of candidates. (Distribution)

By doing this our customers run very effective pay per click campaigns that really result in what they want; more hires and placements for the lowest budget possible without having to spend much time on it.

René Bolier

Show & Tell Presenter: René Bolier
Co-Founder & Sales Director, OnRecruit



Beamery Logo

Founded in 2014, Beamery is a the world’s most advanced Candidate Engagement platform. We are on a mission to make recruitment better by empowering companies to treat candidates like customers, and focus on communication not process.

Beamery provides cloud-based software designed to help talent acquisition teams to convert passive candidate into active applicants, build and nurture talent pools and improve the candidate experience.

Beamery’s latest features include:
• “Multitouch campaigns” that allow recruiters to schedule candidate follow up emails to be sent automatically based on workflows such as “if candidate clicked on job ad send follow up email”
• “Chrome extension” that allows seamless sourcing from LinkedIn
• “Talent pools” that let recruiters build talent pools and pipelines for prospects, clients, vacancies or their talent community

Abakar Saidov

Show & Tell Presenter: Abakar Saidov
CEO at Beamery


Hello Talent

Hello Talent

Hello Talent helps organizations move away from the “post and pray” era of recruiting and instead focus on proactive, collaborative sourcing. In the past employers could simply post a vacancy to their website and rely on getting at least a few good applicants. However, as the modern labor market has evolved the need to proactively source talent for certain roles has grown increasingly important.

With Hello Talent users can search for candidates across a wide variety of social media and websites, aggregate these different social media profiles in one place, and then share talent pools with others to foster a collaborative experience. Owing to its simplicity, Hello Talent can easily be used by anyone in the organization (or even outside it if needs be). Working with hiring managers who don’t normally recruit or asking employees for referrals is a breeze. With Hello Talent recruiting shifts from being a passive approach to a proactive, collaborative crowd-driven effort.

Say Hello to proactive recruiting with Hello Talent:
– Source candidates from anywhere on the web
– Share information and work together in collaborative talent pools
– Create custom statuses to represent your workflow
– Manage your talent pipeline
– Hire great candidates

Jim Klug

Show & Tell Presenter: Jim Klug
Product Manager at Talentsoft



Majio logo

Majio glues the candidates experience together. We harnessed our contextual parsing and matching technology to deliver seamless candidate experience and capitalize on all your recruitment marketing dollars. Majio middleware products include Job parsing API, resume parsing API and matching API, based on semantic technologies and machine learning.

Svetla Simidchieva

Show & Tell Presenter: Svetla Simidchieva
Co-founder and CEO majio


HROnboard – Employee onboarding platform


HROnboard is a global employee onboarding platforms that helps organisations manage the job offer and new hire process. Our mission is to free HR from tedious paperwork and help you engage your new employees before Day 1.

Create and send beautiful job offers to new hires. Quickly update employees contracts and policies online. Offboard exiting employees in style, securely.

With HROnboard, companies reduce manual processing, eliminate paperwork while increasing job acceptance rates and time to productivity for new hires.

Peter Forbes

Show & Tell Presenter: Peter Forbes
CEO and Founder at HROnboard


Broadbean’s Candidate Sourcing Platform (CSP)

broadbean logo 2

The CSP from Broadbean is a platform which consolidates different sourcing technologies in a joined up workflow where recruiters use Posting technology, multiple job board Search plus the search of your own existing candidate talent pools, Referral and Ambassadorship programmes at the same time. Recruiters are able to work to best practice in the sourcing of candidates to enhance direct hire strategies while making best use of their Talent Management software such as Talentlink or any ATS you work with. The CSP brings Broadbean’s core products into one simple interface to improve recruiter behaviour while ensuring every candidate is 100% accurately source track no matter where or how you found them.

Josh Willows

Show & Tell Presenter: Josh Willows
Corporate Sales at Broadbean Technology



Adopto logo 2

Adopto is a cloud based recruiting tool specialized for tech industry.
As an End to end recruiting solution we help SM Business to optimize their hiring process, using simple and intuitive interface.
Within Adopto you are able to make your recruitment process more smooth using following features:
• BRAND & PROMOTE your Company culture
• ONE CLICK distribution of job posts to tech job boards, job aggregators, social networks, career page
• TRACK every interview, note, scorecard, status change or update for each candidate
• Online Tech SKILLS TESTING for applicants
• SCHEDULE interviews, calls

Dino Barac

Show & Tell Presenter: Dino Barac
CEO at Adopto



iRevu logo

There’s a new movement happening in leading organizations. The movement away from annual assessments. In recent months, companies like Accenture, Deloitte, and General Electric have announced their migration away from these time- and money-draining practices to more effective and efficient continuous feedback. While the concept is intuitive, there are very few tools that facilitate and simplify this process in one place. The iRevü micro-feedback performance management solution helps customers save money, improve productivity, and protect the organization by providing near-immediate, documented performance feedback to employees.
By adapting traditional HR practices to meet the high-frequency, high-feedback needs of the all workplace generations, iRevü enables organizations to maximize the energy, abilities and technological know-how of employees, including Millennials, who are a significant and growing percentage of the workforce.

In other words, iRevü iRevü gets people to stop pushing paper and process and starts people talking, no matter where they are located.
Fast. Simple. Powerful. Mobile.
Why wait for annual performance reviews to improve company performance.

Michael Heller

Show & Tell Presenter: Michael Heller
CEO and Founder at iRevü


Firefish Software

Firefish Text Logo

Firefish is a predictive recruitment sales and marketing platform that helps recruitment agencies attract, engage, recruit and analyse their data better, providing the tools needed to place more candidates with their clients.
Our cloud-based solution incorporates applicant tracking, recruitment marketing, CRM, reporting and full website integration. It’s ideal for UK-based, privately owned recruitment agencies with 1-25 recruiters.
We’re out to inspire the next generation of recruiters and help SME recruitment agencies make the maximum placements out of their candidate data.

Alan Hiddleston

Show & Tell Presenter: Alan Hiddleston
Chief Growth Officer at Firefish Software®



WorkShape LOGO

WorkShape.io is the revolutionary hiring platform for tech. No Recruiters. No CV’s. Just great software engineers matched to the role you need to hire.

Hung Lee

Show & Tell Presenter: Hung Lee
CEO @Workshape.io



Craft logo

Craft is a free, open information platform mapping the Innovation Economy. We provide data on dynamic sectors, companies, teams, people and open positions. Our goal is to provide Context in a rapidly changing landscape and help professionals discover and evaluate different opportunities. Our data can also be used for market research, lead generation and competitive analysis.

Ilya Levtov

Show & Tell Presenter: Ilya Levtov
Founder and CEO Craft.co


Eventbrite - #trulondon March 2016